Thursday, October 23, 2008

The U's

I read this from a book by Dr. Ron Jenson. Very interesting for people who are in a committed relationship.

The deeper a relationship goes, the greater the unity that will exist in that relationship.

By unity, I do not mean union. Union takes place when we are joined together organically, as in marriage, a business partnership, or some other organizational match. Certainly you can be in a union but have no unity.

Nor am I referring to uniformity. Uniformity occurs when we do things the same way. I believe "group think" can be dangerous at times. If we are too much alike, we stop growing, sharpening, and being sharpened by the people around us. For example, you and I have a high level of unity, but we are different. You are musically and artistically inclined in your interests. I am organizationally and business-related enthused. Your ideal day is to bum around like a couch potato, reading a book, and watching an interesting art or jologs film. My ideal day is outdoors, communing with nature, and enjoying pizza and ice cream under a tree. But blogging is what we are uniformly enticed.

Finally, I am not speaking of unanimity. Unanimity takes place when we totally agree. Certainly we should be agreeable and gracious, but we will not always agree. Forced unanimity can stifle a relationship. If you can't think for yourself, or if you are unable to be other than conforming and submissive, then you are always going to be gullible, a slave to whatever any authority figure dictates.

I am speaking of UNITY. Unity begins with giving up your own agenda to develop a better one. It's combining your uniqueness with that of another to create something NEW. It's choosing to be more EXCITED about the success of the other person than your own success. It's a spirit of oneness that seeks to build up the person you deeply love and to be open and honest in the process. It is rooted in genuine caring (a commitment and action, not merely an emotion).

United we stand, together we fall :)

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