Monday, November 3, 2008

3K and gudang :-)

I love passionate people. Passion reverberates.

Passion leads to wonderful sentiments.

Sentiments make us sensible humans.

What does it take to be sensible? I guess when you choose to listen more and talk less. It makes sense that to be truly connected with anyone, you have got to learn the art of listening, giving time for the person to express freely, giving insight, sharing feelings. If you get to master taming your mouth and then intensely utilize your ears, people will realize you give them precious time and avenue to be themselves and be free, at the same time having the chance to pick up a lot from them. Authentic communication then happens and being sensible occurs naturally with the exchange of musing. Fine art, isn't it?

It's always a delight to have sentimental moments shared with passionate friends. Makes life a lot more interesting and fun. Here's to more 3K and gudang sessions :-)

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