Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Eternal Instants

I like that term I ran across reading Max Lucado's teaching again. Instances in life we usually take for granted like a swallow singing you a morning tune, a walk in the park, a stolen kiss, a moment of reflective silence. Instants that remind us there is indeed fleets of eternity experienced everyday.

Reality sucks - we all know that. Good thing, though, is that we don't. Fact is no matter how global recession haunts every president, prime minister and head of state, and stocks continue to plummet and give stockholders the scariest nightmare of their lives, life goes on. It always does. These are worldly instants that, yes, affect our reality as it is but, no, does not even come close to shaking our being if we only just realize our greater purpose here on earth - to learn the lessons, keep moving forward, and never stop loving. When to stop? When the angel of death arrives and invites you to cross over the other side :-). So question yourself, are you ready to cross over? If not, then let reality do its job of sucking and do your job of not sucking along with it.

Breathe, life goes on.. and on.. and on.. (pag off, patay ka na nun sige).

Here is the swallow singing me a happy tune every waking morning - meet Willy.

1 comment:

  1. Each time you see Willy, it's a sign of a new beginning. Since Wikipedia says they are associated with spring. Another reason too why you see it in the morning. Always, each waking day, we are born again.