Monday, November 24, 2008

Meeting the "Fockers" :-)

My past weekends have been about absorbing and engaging encounters, something really new to me. Meeting the people who are significant to my significant other is a totally distinct experience, them having a unique view and way of life, at least compared to my more normal orientation I guess.

What struck me the most is that how open communication, outrageous, vulgar and no holds barred even, can really open up anyone's inhibitions, open new doors for understanding, and give room for no pretension and no prejudice, just plain simple conversation and sharing of opinions no matter how insane or deep the topic is. It's about leveling and appreciating the remarkableness of a person and holding no judgment whatsoever. It's also just about recognizing the individuality of each person and respecting their wholeness and being no matter how eccentric it may be.

It's been such a privilege to have known the "Fockers," especially the mother "Focker." :):):)

I hope for more fruitful, productive, entertaining, enlightening and peaceful encounters, although I'm also ready to witness a "high mass, third remix" episode, me not the main character in focus of course, at least not yet, too early (HAHAHA).


  1. if i were you, i won't dream na of going through one of those "high mass, third remix" episodes. hahaha

  2. i do agree. you might regret it. haha! =P nice experience though. and when memory lane opens up, it's nice to pass by that road block again.