Thursday, December 4, 2008


In a relationship, these things happen:

She wants red, you want blue - you both choose green instead.

She forgets to inform you about something, you get angry - you both say sorry.

She doubts that you doubt, you just wanted details - you both say I love you in the end.

She wishes the situation is different, you just miss her - you both keep quiet and breathe.

She likes to drink, you silently wonder if it's becoming a habit - you both shrug it off.

She does not like planning, you just want to be a little prepared - you both end up surprised.

Insisting on what's loving, not what you think is right and what you justifiably want. It's always a choice.

I am your hot air balloon. Your flame keeps me afloat.

1 comment:

  1. Relationships.. They remain the perfect storms. But then again, there's meeting somewhere in the middle..

    I love you. :-*