Monday, December 15, 2008

For Arteh's Sake


Picking a color to describe how I feel at this moment, it will be yellow.

The title of Turner's painting describes pointedly the role of the color yellow: Radiant yellow sun ends a long period of darkness and begins a new pure era of Light after the all devouring Deluge. The painting is considered to be an allegory of Light. Moses is depicted slightly above the center in the vortex of light.

Man and his Wife
Picking a fruit to describe my present relationship in general, this painting depicts its essence - lemon.

In this painting by an unknown artist, an intimate portrait between a man and woman, a lemon tree can be plainly viewed in the background, symbolizing fidelity in love. Possibly from North Italy but perhaps not by an Italian artist, this portrait is unusually intimate (it is rare for a man to be painted with his hand around his wife's neck). It was also slightly unusual for a woman to stand on her husband's right hand side.

Finally, picking a portrait best describing how I view life in general, the masterpiece of Vincent Van Gogh - Starry Night.

There is the night sky filled with swirling clouds, stars ablaze with their own luminescence, and a bright cresset moon. Although the features are exaggerated, this is a scene we can all relate to, and also one that most individuals feel comfortable and at ease with. This sky keeps the viewer's eyes moving about the painting, following the curves and creating a visual dot to dot with the stars. This movement keeps the onlooker involved in the painting while the other factors take hold. Below the rolling hills of the horizon lies a small town. There is a peaceful essence flowing from the structures. Perhaps the cool dark colors and the fiery windows spark memories of our own warm childhood years filled with imagination of what exists in the night and dark starry skies. The center point of the town is the tall steeple of the church, reigning largely over the smaller buildings. This steeple casts down a sense of stability onto the town, and also creates a sense of size and seclusion. To the left of the painting there is a massive dark structure that develops an even greater sense of size and isolation. This structure is magnificent when compared to the scale of other objects in the painting. The curving lines mirror that of the sky and create the sensation of depth in the painting. This structure also allows the viewer to interpret what it is. From a mountain to a leafy bush, the analysis of this formation is wide and full of variety.

Being loved by you is like a work of art touched with a crazy blend of spirits and haze, yet spiritually challenging to the max level :-)

Then again, loving you is like a roller coaster experience. The fear is there of taking the ride yet I still go. As it goes, the turns and speed create butterflies in my stomach, the feeling of throwing up. In the middle of the ride, I scream to the top of my lungs and become confused about wanting to go down against the thought of missing out a lot if I don't finish the whole ride. In the end, I realize it's always worth it, full of weird surprises but having fun learning in the process. I am holding on.. tight. :-*

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  1. You probably missed my text message this morning since your phone's dead:

    I must think more about you and less about myself. But there's a snag. I am thinking about you nearly always.

    Love you. Very. Much. Much.