Monday, December 22, 2008

A great time to be grateful

As the wonderful Christmas song goes.. 'Tis the season to be jolly, falalalalalalala. Merry Christmas!

I've been struggling lately to write an entry, mostly because I've been preoccupied with the rush of the holidays and partly maybe just lost touch with my inner voice, being too absorbed with all the merriness in the air as Christmas is fast approaching. I've always believed writing is a gift, a free-flowing expression to touch others, and being too busy to communicate with the voice within left me thought-deprived. So, thank God I had time to breathe now and voila! I am writing again. Cheers to that! (see? that's how preoccupied I have been lately, with all the drinking spree and parties :-)).

I guess especially for us Pinoys, the best holiday is Christmas, because through this season we get to celebrate our family bonds, reunite with long lost friends, make amends with our enemies, and simply enjoy the company of people we even barely know just for the spirit of giving and sharing. This is the magical time where people seem to be in a trance state and can be so forgiving and loving and generous and understanding. Imagine if everyday was Christmas, there will be no wars, no conflicts, no suffering.. but then again, that won't be the earth as we know it. Think about it, the reason why life here on earth is just a passing stage is because it is a way to be whole again. It is through all the chaos we experience from being in various forms of relationships with other humans that we get to realize, bottom point, we will all die and leave this earth. The means by which we die we can only wish to know but simply cannot, so I guess this is the best time also to reflect on what state we want to be when He finally calls us to join Him.

BUT, let's think about it again, what if indeed we can create "A New Earth." A place where everyday is Christmas. A place where instead of people competing on who has the tallest and biggest EGO, people are competing who get to be more loving, more giving, more kind, more passionate in caring, more forgiving.. hay, heaven on earth. It's not something impossible if we work on the start of it all - ourselves, and then little by little it becomes a disease spread out with all human relationships we are connected with.

Then again, you may ask, would not earth be so boring if nobody fights? Hmm, it depends on how you view boring. Is it boring if instead of wasting all your energy in shouting and stressing your nerves, you get to laugh your heart out whole day and having your aim when you wake up in the morning to how make a person unburdened just because you are there? I don't think life would at all be boring since we are all unique creatures and a blend of the differences makes it all exciting and un-boring. The key is to appreciate the uniqueness and respect the differences. Being humans, we need to be grateful all the time in the best and especially the worst of times living here on earth.

So now, my grateful list for this wonderful year:

1. Thank God for the ever-supportive family I have, especially nanay who just silently but simply loves me as I am, and for Pio who constantly teaches me how to become the best mom I could possibly be. You are the blessing that reminds me of my greater purpose, the constant reminders to be humble and selfless.

2. Thank God for making the "ordinary" person that I am extraordinary because of the "extra" waiting that I had to endure to be blessed now with such a gifted and blessed person. Uni, you are and will always be His most personal gift to me and I will forever cherish your coming into my life. You have opened up "worlds" for me to expand and together I believe we can make a beautiful mark in this earth. I share your hope that He really understands why there is an "us." :-*

3. Thank God for friendships that have gone through times of happiness and sorrow, the ever-reliable friends that go beyond the geographic distance and defying time just to be there to comfort and care. Guys, my life has been happily bearable because of your presence.

4. Thank God for continuously using me as an avenue to be a blessing to others through my work, His grace of riches I get to share no matter how menial it is at the moment, and for constantly reminding me that He always carries my burdens with me and I only need to trust and do my share, blessing the works of my hands and seeing me through.

5. Thank God for all the difficult people He sends to make me grow and challenge me to become a better person. Also for the nicest people who make life easier, the random angels in disguise.

6. Finally, thank God for blogging :-) Need I say more?


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