Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Life is what you make it they always say. Who would'nt agree. Especially when you know and would have the privilege of having to prepare for your own death. Seeing the Indie film "100" last night, it dawned on me yet again that life is indeed short and death is but imminent, only a question of time.

But how can you really tell one has lived life fully? As I have come to understand it, it is when you begin to live selflessly, of course amidst the fact that you have your own selfish desires. Accomplishing personal goals and dreams is but human nature and I guess the subtle difference comes in only when you realize that through making yourself contented and happy first do you get to be succesful in making people around you and important to you happy as well. It's commonsense. You cannot give what you do not have.

Also apparent on the film was how acceptance is the key as turning point in moving on. Only when you stop resisting and negatively reacting to a situation you have no control over does peace come in and acceptance moves you to productive action and emotions.

Don't we all aim for peace of mind and world peace? Think about it. Imagine dying tomorrow. What would you do today?

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  1. I would write the last blog entry of my life's eccentricities, smoke gudang, drink ice cold beer, and sleep the night away with you on cold, white, clean, crisp, sheets with fluffy, comfortable pillows..

    at least if I find myself still waking up in the morning, I'll see you by my side...

    with all my love..