Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In the middle

I've seen a lot of romantic movies where wanting and needing someone has been questioned by the lead characters who were head over heels in love with each other. Take for example the flick Milan where Claudine questioned Piolo, "Mahal mo ba ako dahil kailangan mo ako, o kailangan mo ko dahil mahal mo ko?"

Taking this into context, the term need implies a necessity, something we can't do without, a must to have, otherwise there could be some kind of chaos without it or an incompleteness. On the other hand, want is a yearning, something we hanker after or crave for, a wish, probably reflective of our human human nature for a desire to be satisfied.

As I have come to understand this, a balance between wanting and needing someone is what makes people stay together in the long run.

Imagine having to just need a person without really wanting, doesn't it sound so sad? It's like going to work in a job you hate because you just have to survive, maybe even out of desperation where everyday you have to drag yourself to work and take every effort to get motivated. You count the hours and learn to memorize the tick of the clock in your head and know the exact tick sound when it's time to go home. A need. The essential reason for needing someone is that maybe if the person were not around, you'd be hopeless, helpless and living like a zombie. The person fills something in you.

Wanting. It's born out of your heart's wish, a burning desire. If you were to choose freely, won't you grab the chance to have the job that won't let you feel just working? As they say, if you follow your passion, you'll never feel like working ever, enjoying every second, playing at work. It's something that drives you to be at your best, makes you crazy happy, and brings out all the good there is in you. Although taken on a spiritual context, wanting could be a selfish motive, an ego feed, because it's something you can do without and you are just satisfying a personal craving. It creates a boost in yourself to want something and have it.

This thought gave me a major headache, really, guess still a hangover from my marathon session with Mamu, so I opt now to just go back to the movie and let Piolo answer the point I wanted to drive at.

Piolo replied to Claudine with the sweetest smile on his face, his eyes shining so brightly like the sun, "Mahal kita.. at kailangan kita."

How corny I know. But my Uni loves corny, so why not :-)

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  1. Like I told you once before, there's not much of a use to convince you or me that we can't live without each other.. because I'm sure we can.

    The only difference is that, "I don't want to."

    I don't want to live without you.