Monday, January 26, 2009

Story of the Trek

It all began with Uni's wish to hybernate after a long week of what seems to be work drag and long commute. Just look at her eyes and see how that longing moved me to come up with a weekend treat up south where the air is cool and adventure awaits.

It was definitely a joy maneuvering Ligaya Drive because of its zany twists and turns, a steep downhill journey going down Talisay, Batangas where Taal Yacht Club is located. From there, we went for a 30-minute tranquil lake banca ride (it was 2 in the afternoon and the tides were still low) and managed to capture this excited look on her face. It's been awhile, too, since I went for a nature trip, really missed it, forgot to remove the shades though to hide the excitement boiling in me.

And the trekking started. The challenge began when we were constantly urged by the locals, especially the manang who hustled us while walking to take her horse for a ride (a 600-peso ride by the way) , since they say we might not be able to make it through the dusty and rugged terrain to the top. Are they talking to us, former mountaineer and trek enthusiast and recent Milo 5K finishers with certificates?? :-)

This is the trail about halfway to the top. Meet Arnel in the blue shirt who was our kind guide, our haggard faces saved from being captured at this moment, not a glorious time with me trying to keep my tongue from sticking out as I could hardly catch my breath and Uni bathing in her own sweet sweat at this point.

The heat of the sun was extreme at this area where passage was real narrow you would have to face the wall when a horse passes by, or else risk losing a limb or dragged back down (kidding).

Capturing the journey, the prettiest smiles we could come up with to conceal our feet aching, knees shaking, and body scent almost comparable to that of the horse (imagine dust and sweat combined).

Almost reaching the destination, we had a Brokeback Mountain feel with the stable and horses around although with an Asian telenovela touch since instead of cowboys, Koreans were everywhere.

After a breath-taking 45-minute trek, finally we were at the top overlooking the mystical crater of Taal Volcano. The sulfuric aroma from the view deck helped to create this "friendster pose" which Uni naughtily took. In turn, this trip would not be complete without her \m/ trademark pic, a "Kay Susan Tayo" contender. :-)

The natural high of reaching your goal, being together throughout the journey, enjoying every step of the way, on top of the clouds. What more can I ask of life?

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  1. Hah! Kala nila ha.. di natin kaya.

    Tayo pa?!

    Wala akong hindi kaya pag andyan ka. :p