Monday, January 12, 2009

Two worlds collide

Who would ever imagine we'd click. It's amazing how time can encompass the differences and without us realizing we are already creating a new world, for us, not yours, not mine alone.

You love singing, I dread videoke, but we appreciate music just the same.. with my singing note exclusively for you to hear, and tolerate.

I am inclined to systematize, you are carefree, but we can be spontaneous together.. like getting up and going even in our sleeping clothes to find the best-tasting 'goto' somewhere.

You are a mover, I am a pusher, so we probably can move mountains.. or drugs (haha).

I can be absorbed in staring into space whole day without moving an inch, you'd get burned out only after about 5 minutes and will make a sound or do your 'happy dance', but we can laugh our lungs about it after.. how insane we can be sometimes.

You are the legislative, I am the executive, but we both can fail and start the game over anyhow.. it's the game that matters.

But one thing I know for sure, we both have an eccentric heart, that which others can all day wonder about and only we can fathom. That's the magic we share and celebrate, everyday.

And now for the sentimental note, here's to cap what I wanted to express.. I love you uni :-*

1 comment:

  1. I've been realizing how much I have wasted my heart on so much of what turned out to be unworthy. Good thing, you came around. I guess, finally, I have wished hard enough. For love. Happiness.

    And thank you for waiting.. long enough, even without being aware that it was me God was wanting you to wait for.