Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I woke up yesterday cluttered. I don't know why. It must be because there is something amiss on the bed or maybe because I slowly descended from the clouds after being surprised with a wonderful serenade I only imagined in my dreams, definitely topping first of the firsts in celebrating a momentous occasion. This is by the way a rewrite as the blogger dashboard magically erased what I wrote without me having it backed up. Grrr.

Anyway, I ended up obsessing on sorting paper piles in my cabinet and it did take almost a good half day of my life yesterday. Old grocery and resto receipts, billing statements, post-its, scratch notes, seminar sheets, log files, every paper that has played a role in my everyday existence. Some of the papers found their fate in the garbage as I consider them trash, useless and have fulfilled their purpose already. A lot has been categorized as recyclables, something that can still be of different use in the future and therefore kept neatly piled. A few made it to my precious logbook/planner where I keep all the essentials, a thing I'd go nuts if anybody dared rearrange.

It dawned on me how this outlet gave me such relief, feeling like I have reassessed and reorganized my life. It felt like a good vacation, being able to go through piles of unnoticed clutters and having the time to unload the rubbish I have been keeping for years.

Getting rid of junks. Keeping focused on the essentials. Travelling light.

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  1. I once read somewhere that to have dominion you must be a genius in organizing.

    Congratulations moo!

    \:D/ --> the dancing emoticon