Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Too beautiful not to share

I believe most of us suffer from being too absorbed with our mind clutter that is often brought about by an unconscious inkling for us to take on much of the drama in life. That is not to say it's bad or undesirable. It is just a given, something we have to be aware of as just part and parcel of being in relationships whether it be familial, romantic or platonic in nature.

Triggers. That is what moves us. To even care. To think. To lose ourselves. To be stressed out. To fall into a deep pit. To be bruised and knocked out. To fight back and stand up again. To regain consciousness. To be courageous and faithful. To be uplifted. To love. To be forgiving.

For a while now, I have been following this Course in Miracles by Marianne Williamson and below is one of her podcasts that I transcribed because I feel it somehow encapsulates all there is to experience what we everyday hope for, that is the gift of grace, answered prayers and yes, miracles.

Forgiveness offers everything I want. This is the only way for the weight I feel emotionally in my life caused by very, very painful situations to be lifted. This is the only way and that is I forgive everybody. Forgive everybody and myself.

Begin thinking about every single person that have hurt you in your life. One of the things we want to do is to take responsibility. Unless we are talking about child abuse or victimization as a child, when it comes to your adult life, the vast majority of times, if we are honest with ourselves, we can see that even if somebody "did something to us and we get hurt," we played some part in that drama. We conspired in some way with that negative drama. We played some part, even if your part was only 10% of it. So there's always forgiveness of yourself that is involved in these situations as well.

I had the most amazing night when I just went back to so many situations where usually when a person's name would come into my mind, I would sort of get rid of the thought of that person or that situation because when I would think of it, it would cause me pain. But that night was a very illumined experience for me. I just went right into it. It was amazing. I got onto the computer and I started googling people that I wanted to know. Maybe I can write an e-mail. Maybe I can make a call. Maybe I can do something to actually take this on, to forgive and to be forgiven.

Forgiveness offers everything you want. So I'd like you to think right now about the person that you think has hurt you, that you know has hurt you, and I'm not in any way right now invalidating your pain. Betrayal happens. In a worldly sense, they might have done just that. But what I'm saying to you is your salvation lies in your capacity to forgive them. Sometimes we think, "I'm not going to forgive them, they don't deserve my forgiveness." But the Course in Miracles says that we are spiritually generous out of self-interest. What I realized that night was that my willingness to forgive people that I felt had hurt me was not for them, it was for me! It was because I don't want to carry that stuff in my life. I don't want to carry that as a kind of weight.

You know it's an interesting thing as you grow older. The positive side is you sort of "sit within yourself" more firmly, but the negative side is sometimes you're carrying it like this emotional bundle, this baggage, this weight, and the only way to have that released, the only way to give that up is to be willing to forgive everyone for every thing. To have all the Course in Miracles says, "Give all to all." And that means love as well as anything of this world. So when you forgive somebody, it's not like you're condoning what they did. Quite the opposite. You don't have to worry that the universe will not balance itself. You don't have to worry that they don't have their own karma. You don't have to worry that God is not on the case. The issue is this is about your karma. This is about your spiritual development, not theirs and as you just think about that person and are willing to see them differently.

The Course in Miracles says the Holy Spirit responds fully to your slightest invitation. If we are just willing, if even for a moment, "Dear God, I think about this person. I think they hurt me." You might think that they contributed to a personal disaster in your life, to a professional disaster, to a financial disaster. Most of us at a certain point in life can point to a few people and think, "Why, my life would have been far better for me as I understand things had I never met that person." But the more spiritually evolved you become, you realize if you hadn't met them, you would have met somebody else who'd done basically the same thing because maybe that was the lesson we needed to learn, whether it was to walk away from that before it became something terrible or if nothing else, once it became terrible, to know that if we will forgive, forgiveness offers everything we want.

It becomes another mental habit. That is what miraculous thinking is. It's not a difficult way of thinking, but it is a very different way of thinking.
And what is difficult is getting over a resistance. That resistance is because the ego is invested in blaming people. The ego is invested in attacking someone. The cornerstone thought of the ego's thinking is that someone is guilty. And so as long as you are finding someone else guilty and if you think they hurt you, "That person hurt me," on one hand you're carrying the pain of what they did to you, but also you are compounding the pain because by being so clear that they did that you, you're attacking them in your thinking. And remember who you attack, you're attacking yourself all the time because there's only one of us here.

Forgiveness offers everything you want because miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. It would be a miracle to forgive the person who hurt us. Some people who have been through terrible and hedious things are free and many people who have been through things that are not even that bad in the bigger scheme of things carry this weight and are bound by unforgiveness.

Forgiveness offers everything I want. Forgiveness means I will return to my most loving self. My most loving self is my Christ self, my true self. When I am that, when I become that, then I will attract to myself everything that reflects that. Give love, get love. Simple as that.


  1. As I was growing up, there's this wonderful nugget of wisdom I learned from Mamu: You will know forgiveness has begun when someone comes up to you and with all the guts ask
    forgiveness, even when you think and feel you're still not ready to grant it. Your pain and the injurer's pain will surely create a point where the beat of both pains will arrive to a wonderful rhythm of reconciliation. When both are finally true to their feelings...

    Hence, anyone can forgive anyone for almost anything. But we cannot tolerate everything. For when we forgive, we do not smother it. We look at it full in the face, call it what it is, allow it to shock us and stun and enrage us, and only then do we forgive.

  2. This is nice boss. Forgiveness is really a difficult thing to give no matter how big or how small the mistake that has been done.

    And also according to Martin Luther King Jr., "We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love."