Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One pound

Loose and scattered.. that has been the status of my thoughts lately. It's not because I'm not inspired or nothing significant is happening lately; it's quite the opposite actually. It's the planning jitters. Summer holds a comfort zone shake. It's my girl's scout nature overwhelming me when I am presented with a goal, although it gives me pleasure to visualize dreams and taking lotus feet steps to its realization, one tiny bit at a time. I remind myself often, though, that although planning is good, future is yet to unfold and what matters is the present moment.

Thank you for gifting me with so many varities of these messengers from another realm, these being the recent ones, that make me often pause from working to simply stare and admire. My grateful heart blossoms.

Your love moves me from dreaming to realizing.

You never fail to inspire me.

You are what envelops a dream.

Your embrace touches my very core.

Your kiss soothes my every tired muscle.

Your warm breath while sleeping keeps me sheltered in the dark of night.

Thank you for being such a wonderful comfort zone.

1 comment:

  1. There are great rewards in waiting. But the blessings come in all the more when we put even just a dash of action to what we believe in.

    We both have experienced waiting for a lot that this world can and still yet to offer.

    I can definitely wait some more.

    But I won't rest till I get what I want.

    So if we really want it..

    hold tight, brace yourself..

    this is yet another run.

    I can run for you.. *hugs