Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Finding joy in life is as easy as A-B-C. Going back to basics and zeroing in on re-learning how to read, but this time reading love's language. It's not just about being happy which is fleeting, but more of feeling fulfilled and contented in the littlest of everyday events.

Knowing that you are valued and appreciated just because of who you are even though you smell and look like a grumpy old troll in the morning.

Having someone stir you within and mirror with your gifts and flaws, then getting to laugh at each other's clumsiness and silly mistakes as well as rejoice with in every triumph.

Sleeping in bed simply touched having crumpled the sheet with someone, realizing your solitary lonely days are gone with the wind.

Discovering that you matter in this life because someone said a prayer for you to still be able to wake up for another day or you gave that someone a panoramic grin because you're still alive.

Getting revved up to do your best in anything simply because you care enough for others.

Seeing beyond what's obvious and being tranquil even when exhausted and weary from a day's toiling.

Moving towards a goal and cherishing the ecstasy of achieving it.

J-O-Y. The soul's laughter. Let's keep it resonating.

A-U-J. True love's first kiss.

P-I-O. The irresistible menace.

D-O-R-I. The menace's mom and true love's first kiss' moo.


  1. Others say grace before a meal. I say grace when I look at you, when I hold your hand, when I see your self in pio's smile, when I see you still beside me each day.. when I get to touch you and remind myself that we are real..

    Your presence makes my day. You just don't know how much. Or maybe you'll never know.. since every day comes in better.. :-*

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