Monday, May 18, 2009


In the stillness of the shivering night, I held you..

...and my soul found peace.

I heard your heart in silence..

..consistent beats telling me I am kept secured, tightly locked.

Spirits afloat.

Daring questions.

Flaming answers.

Naked souls, stripping free, unsuppressed, uninhibited, bare open.

The silhouette of bodies uniting.

Soft caresses, reaching the deepest recesses.

Slow, awaited pauses, the tender touch coursing through each smooth curve, moving up, running down, going in circles.

Rhythmic motion.

Gasping for air and sharing one breathe.

Warm breaths sending quivers to the spine.

Passion showering, every ache dissolves.

Dawn breaks, still awake, cuddling, holding each other in a tousle, what pleasure!

Eres guapa. Siempre será un placer para sofocar con besos hasta que la luz de la mañana.

Si mata a besar, yo soy mejor muerto que no te beso a todos.



  1. I can only love you as much you would allow me to. I can only hope that you would make the sky as the limit of how I can reach through you, always.

    They say that loving someone too much is already selfish. But if it's about loving you, then let me be.

    *Looking forward to more nights like this.. us, alone. lovelots :-*

  2. ok this is orgasmic. lol