Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Finding joy in life is as easy as A-B-C. Going back to basics and zeroing in on re-learning how to read, but this time reading love's language. It's not just about being happy which is fleeting, but more of feeling fulfilled and contented in the littlest of everyday events.

Knowing that you are valued and appreciated just because of who you are even though you smell and look like a grumpy old troll in the morning.

Having someone stir you within and mirror with your gifts and flaws, then getting to laugh at each other's clumsiness and silly mistakes as well as rejoice with in every triumph.

Sleeping in bed simply touched having crumpled the sheet with someone, realizing your solitary lonely days are gone with the wind.

Discovering that you matter in this life because someone said a prayer for you to still be able to wake up for another day or you gave that someone a panoramic grin because you're still alive.

Getting revved up to do your best in anything simply because you care enough for others.

Seeing beyond what's obvious and being tranquil even when exhausted and weary from a day's toiling.

Moving towards a goal and cherishing the ecstasy of achieving it.

J-O-Y. The soul's laughter. Let's keep it resonating.

A-U-J. True love's first kiss.

P-I-O. The irresistible menace.

D-O-R-I. The menace's mom and true love's first kiss' moo.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My sexy, sexy miracle

It’s been a month of personal struggles, life-changing choices, jumping into new waters, and re-discovering myself over again. I haven’t tried sky or cliff diving, and I certainly wish I could before I die, but it sure feels like this as I get to leave my physical comfort zone for many years and embark on a travel to the land of the Living and Loving, this journey I call “Leaving the Zombie Zone.” I realized I’m not used to changing routines and patterns that I have grown accustomed to in my daily grinds, but this has been so far the most rewarding and fulfilling jump that I have ever embarked on, being with the person I envision to share every little and huge step, every laughter and tear, every dream’s fulfillment, and every sorrow dispersed to the universe.

I've always been a strong believer of miracles, daily events in life that are full of them. Every event is God's hands at work as I start each day with thanksgiving and praise, gazing through His sight.

You have been and will always be the biggest miracle I look forward to experiencing everyday. The most beautiful miracle I have and will ever receive in this life.

The geek that you so cutely are.

The funny SPED moments.

The explicit means you keep us in balance and making everybody in the V Luna home peacefully happy and together.

The stories you animatedly share.

The sweet sound of your voice when you call me Miss or Psst.

The comforting times you hug me from the back and no space being left unoccupied.

The tenderness and warmth of your kisses and sweet nothings.

The patience you spare for taking care of Pio and the unconditional affection.

The inexplicable way you keep me at ease and calm.

The incredible sense of humor that makes me go nuts.

The messy clothes and bed that you give me the privilege to organize.

The outpouring of your wisdom even in the menial of conversations that never fail to open up a whole new perspective in me.

The unique sense you bring out in me that I find myself fulfilling my life's purpose.

The “This feels right” emotion every time you look me straight in the eyes.

The “What we are going through is tough and challenging, but we’re in this together and we will make it no matter what” feeling whenever we hold hands and utter not a single word.

The unwavering reassurance and amazing love you share that creates a hope as mighty as David conquering Goliath.

I thank God for you. You are love at its best. I thank you wholeheartedly for giving us this privilege to nurture and master the art of Living and Loving.

You jump, I jump. Then let's kneel down in prayer, hands held up high, and expect the outpouring of our miracles :-)